Monday, October 3, 2011


On my 25th Birthday, I woke up in the City that Never Sleeps

I had dinner with friends...

waited in line...

to see the View..

had lunch at Co.
and did some Birthday shopping!
If you didn't catch the show Thursday morning, during the 3rd commercial break I stood with Elizabeth Hasselbeck to let everyone watching know "Benjamin Brat when the View returns on ABC!"

Thanks to my mom and dad for an unforgettable 25th Birthday!!

After a 2 hour delay, I was on my way home to Nashville where my sleepy and appreciated boyfriend was awaiting my arrival. After work the next day he took me to

 Tin Angel to celebrate!

And for one more day I kept that celebration going with some good friends at Tavern where we had S'Mores.

As I told Jon on his 25th Birthday...5 more years 'til I'm 30!

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