Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Annie Got Married!

I'll start from the beginning. 
Yep, thats a High School sleep-over picture even though Im pretty sure thats a stuffed animal behind my head. 
Im not sure why we woke up and thought, "Hey! We look great, lets take a picture!"

Fast forward a few (7) more years and here we are at Anne's Wedding Festivities!

Bachelorette Party


Pure Romance Party

"It's a fish! It's a shark! It's a WHAT?!"

March 23rd, 2012
Anne's Wedding Day!

We started the morning getting our hair and makeup done at Muse Salon

Then we were off to the Venue to get dressed and take pictures

 First Look

The Ceremony was outside on the porch and the weather was beautiful

The Reception was right inside

First Dance!

Father Daughter Dance....tear!

And the rest of us : )

Singing 'Rocky Top' at the Top of our lungs

 "You guys really got into singing Rocky Top" -Anne's Dad

Congratulations Anne!!!

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