Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Sunday Afternoon Pinterest Project

My office is cold. Literally and figuratively. For now, I intend to fix the 'figuratively' part.
Sunday afternoon I stopped running around long enough to start this Pinterest project for my office.
This was my inspiration.

After I bought the cork boards, which were on sale for $5 a 4 pack at Staples, I used blue painters tape to mark off the stripes. 

I used a "spacer" piece to keep things even.

I arranged them the way I wanted to hang them to make sure it looked o.k. before I started to paint.

I had a few sample cans of paint from when I painted my living room, so I used Benjamin Moore's "Perspective".  

After I let the first coat dry, I painted a second coat to make it really stand out.
Then when they all dried, I slowly peeled the tape off.

And here is the final product!

I like it. I just need to put some stuff on it...

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