Thursday, May 31, 2012

My New York City Trip!

....and my engagement story!  
Get ready to see every single picture I took during that unforgettable weekend!

Jon, Lindsay, and I flew up late Wednesday night, so the first thing we did on Thursday was go to my favorite pizza place, Johns on Bleeker.

my mouth is watering

Next, we went to my favorite cupcake place, Sweet Revenge.

The Window Seat

Red Velvet

Peanut Butter


Our server was a UT grad!

After Jon made me and Lindsay go shopping for an hour (or was it the other way around?), we went to see my dad at his office before he had to fly home.

The office view of Park Ave.

Mike had to work all day Thursday, so we met him back home, changed, and got ready for the Yankees/Twins game!
I told Jon for months that I was going to cheer for the Yankees, whom he despises.  So, he was happily surprised when I changed into my new Twins shirt right before we left for the game.

I had convinced myself that Jon was going to propose at the baseball game, and finally gave up hope when we left the game early since the Twins were losing. 

On the way home we stopped at a really small Irish Bar, before we ended the night at Bear and Bull which is in the Waldorf Hotel.

There is a pond in the middle of Central Park where you can rent row boats by the hour.  I never got to do that when I lived in NYC and Jon got me to suggest that we do that at some point on our trip. 
Friday morning we headed to The Spotted Pig for brunch, but the wait was an hour so we went across the street to have some Champagne!

Here we are at brunch with pink champagne!

After brunch we slowly but surely made our way up to the park. 
We stopped to pose for some pics along the way!

And then....
We got to the Boat House.
 But the rental hut was closed!

I was sad, a little disappointed, and then I saw the look on everyones faces.
 The look that said, "Oh No, what do we do now?" 
I assured everyone it was fine! We needed to get back home anyways, and get ready for our dinner reservations!
And then I felt the tears welling up. 
Wait, why was I crying? 
I wasn't mad! 
I felt bad that everyone felt bad for me. 
I quickly grabbed Jon's hand and pulled him along
"Walk faster! They can't see me cry! I'm not mad! I don't know why I'm crying!"

And then he said the words I'll never forget

"You won't be sad much longer."


Thank you Lindsay and Mike and Jake!

We celebrated

We sang

We had a great day!

The next day, Lindsay had to go back home to work.

The guys and I went to the High Line where they were happy to take more pictures : )

Pretty Cool!

That night we had dinner at another favorite of mine, Mesa Grill.

Such a great weekend! 

Our flight home was cancelled, and as much as we wanted to stay, we booked the earlier flight and rushed the airport. 

Even sitting in the airport is more fun when you are EnGaGeD!!!

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