Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A wedding in savannah...and a high school reunion?

My dear friend, Samantha Bowen, married Sven Schwingen in Svannah, GA.  
Jon and I drove down to ATL Friday night and continued on to Savannah Saturday morning.
We got to walk around aimlessly for a few hours before we had to get ready for the wedding festivities.

We had lunch at Moon River, where our waitress told us it was "perfectly acceptable" to take alcoholic drinks "To-Go" and drink while you explore the city. 
So we did!

Too Funny...

After calling and begging the hotel to let us have an early check-in, (check-in was at 4:00 and the ceremony started at 5:00) we got ready in plenty of time for the trolley ride, which took us to the outdoor square where the ceremony was held.

The Beautiful Bride! 

(I have more pictures of the wedding on my camera, these are all iPhone pics, will update later)

Strangely enough, I saw on twitter that several of my high school buddies were in town for a Bachelor party! So we met them after the reception for drink. Cheers to the Bachelor! 

24 Short hours later, we were back on the road to TN, where we happened to pass my parents on the interstate in Chattanooga!

Thank you Samantha and Sven for inviting us to your special day.

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