Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Boredom

Well Hello!  
Just checking in on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon to share a little project I did for my entertainment center.

I've been looking....and looking....and looking...for grey storage baskets to hold my DVD's.  My entertainment center is all black and the walls are grey, so I wanted to keep it simple and go with the same color family.  
With no luck on finding grey baskets, I finally gave up and bought these from Target in blue, hoping they would tie in with the blue pillows on my couch.

(notice it's not on my couch anymore)

I filled up the baskets, placed them on the shelves of the entertainment center, and stared at them.

They were too blue....too...Florida Gators blue.....  Not the look I was going for.

I didn't want to return them, so naturally, I painted them!

I still had extra paint samples from when I was searching for the perfect grey to paint the living room walls.
I have an obsession with grey. So what?!

This is Benjamin Moore "Moonshine"
which actually looks white....and it pretty much is....which is why I didn't use it on the walls.
Oh well.

I just painted the outside of the bins since you wouldn't be able to see the inside at all.

I painted 3 coats and let them dry for 2 days before I put them back on the shelves.

One problem, I only had enough paint for 4 baskets......and I have 8.  


So here is what it looks like now....

I might get another sample of slightly darker grey paint and have a gradient look going on.

To Be Continued....

I hope everyone remembered to Spring Forward!

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