Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy November!

Let me start by saying, Im so excited for the Holidays! Now, let me go back a few weeks.  I had every intention of posting pictures of all my Halloween decorations in my *new house, but those are down and the Christmas Decor is slowly taking over. I know, its a little early, but I don't have any Thanksgiving Decorations! Im trying to make the pumkpins I bought for Halloween more Thanksgivingy.

This was the day (night) I closed on my house!

I did find time to make a Halloween costume! 2 weeks until Breaking Dawn Part 1!

Before Peyton Manning decided to watch his team lose all season, Jon bought me tickets to see the Colts play the Titans. I still got to see Peyton!
 In case you can't spot him right away, he is at the 45 yard line standing with his arm crossed by the yard marker guy. See him now?!
Last weekend we Celebrated our friend Clay's Birthday at Tavern.
The Boys

The Girls

Tavern might be my new favorite restuarant. Its comes close to my other favorite, Cabanas.

Has anyone else started listening to Christmas music yet?
: )

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