Thursday, December 1, 2011

Whitney's Favorite Things!

Since Oprah isn't sharing her favorite things these days, I thought I'd sare mine! Unlike Oprah, I don't actually own any of these things, nor am I getting paid to blog about them.  However, all of these things are fun, random, and, like the show, over the top!

My first favorite thing is something I need (seriously).
1. A Ladder

As a side note and to be continued later, I recently put up my Christmas lights on my house and it wasn't easy.  I used the "hang out the window while my roommate holds my legs" method. I could have borrowed a ladder but I was too excited to wait any longer. Maybe I should try the Rose Suchuk Ladder Co.? Anyways, here is the end result:

Ok, back to the List!
Here are a few things I would like to put inside this house of mine:

2. A Mini Mac
 I miss a good ole desk top computer. Plus, will make syncing my iPhone much easier!

3. A place to put the computer, a Desk!
This one is from Crate and Barrel

4. A Vacuum Cleaner
Mine is about to bite the dust (pun intended) and this one is ONLY $500. Over the Top?! I think so.

5. A Map of Manhattan
I know you all know how I feel about maps, but who wouldn't love a 4 piece vintage* map of the Greatest City on Earth?
*as in Pottery Barn made it that way

Here are a few fahionable things for the List!
 6.Louis Vuitton
Need I say more?

7. Black Diamond earings.
I didn't even know I wanted these until Macy's put them in their Black Friday Ads!

8. Watch
By the way, Walmart has the same one for way cheaper. Just sayin.

9. Matchstick Cords
J.crew's matchstick pants are my favorite fit, and they come in all colors!

10. Merrell Tennis Shoes
These remind me of my childhood. Don't know why, just do.

Well there ya go, the start of my First Annual Favorite Things list! I will surely add to it as the month goes on.

Just remember: When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when Im feeling sad. I simply remember my favorite things and then I dont feel so bad!
Couldn't help myself.

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