Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is it Christmas Yet?!

Ah, as I sit here watching The Santa Clause
Enjoying my decorations

See your Christmas Card?

 And eating my pretzel treats

I can't help but think, IS IT CHRISTMAS YET?! I feel like a kid again! I am so excited to go home to Atlanta and be with my family. 
So of course this week has felt unbearably slow. Working all week and not getting to go to Minnesota for a few days has put a damper on my Christmas Spirit. And yes, I miss Jon while he is in MN for the week.

I have had so much fun decorating my house for the holidays, I even attempted to make a few things I saw on Pinterest.

Last week we went to our final wedding of the year! I dont have a good one of the bride and groom, so here is one of me and Jon at the reception. It was held at Houston Station in Nashville, TN

Thanks to everyone for sending me a Christmas card this year! It was so fun getting them through out the month.

Happy New Year!

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