Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My flowers...

are slow!
I took several pictures to show you how my snowball bushes are coming in, my peonies are growing back, and my newly planted hydrangea (already bloomed) look.  Ignore the fact that I need new mulch....

Iv'e been patiently waiting and watching as the flower buds form on my snowball bush

Still Green!

 See the red popping up? These are the peonies!

 And last weekend my dad sent me home with this gorgeous hydrangea! Thanks Dad!

Hydrangea bud

 Not sure what this is called, but its pink and pretty

.....and as I'm thinking about how pretty my front "yard" is going to look in a few weeks, and how I can't wait show it off, I drive over to Jon's apartment and see THIS at the entrance:


Snowball bush.Right in my face.Rubbing it in.

The End.

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