Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My top 5 Favorite Blogs....and then some

Thanks for asking!  Although I would love to tell you that I have a huge reader fan base out there (sometimes I pretend I do), I really only think my family and close friends read this.  Anywho, my sister-in-law asked me what my top 5 favorite blogs are, and I love any excuse for a post!  In No Particular Order......

1.  Young House Love
-This the first blog I look at every day when I get on my computer.  This blog is written by a married couple who buy older houses and renovate them.  They do almost everything on their own.  Its so inspiring to see what these two can do with any room of a house.  Since buying my first house last April, its so much fun to see their progress and get new ideas.  The best part is that they post every day M-F! Sometimes twice a day with giveaways!

2.  Bower Power
-This is another blog about home renovation, written by a young woman who does a great job of expressing her personality through every post.  She is so much fun to read, even if you don't care about her new living room furniture!

3.  Urban Grace Interiors
-Are you seeing a pattern here?  Yes, this is another blog about houses and interior design.  In my opinion, this girl has flawless taste.  She runs an interior design company in Florida.  She occasionally blogs about her cute family too.

4.  Sincerely Scarlett
-This is my sister-in-law's blog!  She is the one who inspired me to start blogging.  I love to have a quick link to see pictures of my sweet nephews and catch up on the little things that we don't always get around to talk about!

5.  Happily Ever After
-This is an old high school/college friend's blog about her life.  After high school, college, starting a new job, it can be so easy to lose touch with friends.  Blogging is such a great way to keep in touch and I want to urge ALL of my friends to start!!  Thanks for sharing, Andrea!

I hope you click on the links above and enjoy blogging!

Here are just a few more fun reads:


Happy Blogging : )

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  1. Whitney, you are so sweet-I'm excited to make your top 5!
    I enjoy catching up with you, and I agree-everyone should blog!