Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Fall Y'all!

Can you believe it?! 
And it actually feels like fall.
A few weeks ago, I turned 26, (Yay!) and all I wanted to do was go to Lowe's. 
If that's not a sign that I'm turning into my parents......I don't know what is.
I used to think home improvement stores were created to torture children.
I still think that.

After looking at every pumpkin in every bin (twice), I picked out 3 orange and 1 blue!
Then I snatched up 2 white mums and 1 orange, because they were too pretty not to!
Lastly, I grabbed two small barrels of hay (I wish I grabbed more).
And I came up with.....

ehh....I could do better than that!
So I decided to paint!
but first...I cleaned!

I had some left over paint from making my Halloween costume 2 years ago!

I drew the first line free hand and then I painted dots to help keep the lines even.

Not 100% even but it did the trick....or treat! HA!

I cant decide if I should paint a big A on the last one......or maybe a B?! : )

Happy Fall!

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